What is Cloud Niners?
CLOUD NINE: A feeling of well - being, happiness, and/or euphoria.
Cloud Niners is a Web3 brand that takes shape as a collection of 5,555 NFTs (3D animated airplanes) wrapped within a story driven cinematic universe. The ever growing immersive storyline takes holders on a mysterious digital and IRL journey complete with h idden and unlockable rewards. It acts like membership club or access pass for holders to experience unique activities . These could include safari photo workshops in Kenya, custom watchmaking tours in Switzerland, business mentorship at the Cloud Nine Hanger, or even breaking the sound barrier in a fighter jet at The Kennedy Space Center ... and that is just to start.
What is the Cloud Niners Mantra?
We're an aspirational brand.
Web3 has allowed us to be a part of something global, inclusive, and revolutionary. The cinematic universe of the Cloud Niners NFT collection is a way for us to utilize our skills and passions to expand the way we tell stories while hopefully contributing something beneficial to the community as a whole. This is what Cloud Niners is all about. We're excited to bring our story to life with you.
Rooted in utility and real - life value = an experience that's way more than just pretty artwork.
Why was Cloud Niners Created?
Champagne & Gyoza wanted to create a brand - safe (but with a little bit of an edge) platform where companies and influencers could participate in an NFT project without the massive costs associated with launching their own collection. Plus, we wanted to ma ke bad ass jets for everyone to fly wherever their hear t desires !
In total, we've reserved 156 planes in the collection for personalized activations. This presentation is meant to be a thought starter and focuses on ways we can promote each other in the most cost - effective way.
Who is the team Behind Cloud Niners?
Champagne & Gyoza. The modern, techy, and tastier cousin of the production team behind films like Wedding Crashers, Point Break, and Pay It Forward.
We're obsessed (not in a weird way) with 360 storytelling. We just think it's the best way t o get audiences to actually give a sh*t. Regardless of the initial idea, we're going to focus on creating an immersive content journey that transcend platforms. At C&G, we aim to capture the same creative energy of our long - form history and translate that into gorgeous, meaningful, worthwhile content for (sometimes much) smaller screens.
What Blockchain is C loud Niners built on?
Cloud Niners is Built on the Ethereum Blockchain with a E RC 721 contract.
What is the total supply?
Cloud Niners will have a total supply of 5,555 unique generative artwork . 5,000 will be available via public/pre - boarding sale. 399 will be held for team disbursements, projects partnerships, and general giveaways. 156 will be held for customization around brand partnerships for the brand and community contests.
Will my rarity be affected by “custom partnerships” drops over time ?
No, all metadata will be inserted for the “held ” NFTs and will not affect any rarity structure on the reveal.
What do I get with the NFT?
Every Cloud Niners NFT will include a fully animated unique aircraft artwork and one (1) static Profile Banner Picture ( PBP). This image will be scalable for use in many popular social media platform banners such as Open S ea and Twitter .
What is the Utility of Cloud Niners?
The Cloud Niners team is dedicated to enhancing your overall eccentric mantra, creativity, and social engagements. Our roadmap, benefits, and storyline are designed to work in harmony, which means that the treasury will be allocated toward fulfilling our r oadmap promises, delivering meaningful benefits, and of course evolving into a “platform” for creators to contribute to how our world is built.
We have some exciting things being built in the Cloud Niners Hangar that will release as the project evolves.
- Banner Artwork
We'll start with the simple things in life, like the fact that you can keep your fav blue chip project as your profile pic and use the high - resolution Cloud Niners artwork as your banner picture.
-Immersive Storyline
Our ever - evolving storyverse is designed to take holders on a multi - platform expedition complete with twists and turns through the release of NFTs, video s , photo s , cryptic clues , and so much more . -
-IRL Experiences
Trait enabled IRL experiences – Some will be as crazy as fli ghts in real life fighter jets, or a doors - off helicopter experience. Others will be more tranquil like a weekend in a luxury hotel overlooking a unique beach -
Future utility will be activated through our DApp.
*Possible features in consideration
o Accumulate Frequent Flyer Miles that unlock rewards
o Name your plane and give it a back story
o Design the interior of your plane
o Custom designed tail fin
- Drops
Priority Boarding on all future Cloud Niners NFT collection releases Special access to Allow List with partner NFT Collections
What intellectual rights will Cloud Niners have?
Owners of Cloud Niners will have full commercial art rights for the Cloud Niners NFT they own. Full details coming soon (prior to launch).
Is there a Discord?
The Cloud Niners Metaversal Hanger (Airport Code: CNM) and Lounge is now open. The agent is waiting for you HERE.
Is there a Roadmap?
Please see our FLIGHT PATHand for a deeper dive, please check our MEDIUM ARTICLE.
What is the Boarding Process?
There will be different ways to gain access to Pre - Boarding tickets ( allow list /pre - sale spots ) up until the actual mint date.
1. Certain partner communities will have the ability to gain access to Pre - Boarding tickets
2. Brand partners will receive Pre - Boarding benefit s as well as some complimentary NFTs.
3. The public will be able to purchase at the check - in counter of our website during the mint window.
Please follow our social channels for more information.
How can I uncover a ticket to pre - board ?
There will be severa l opportunities to gain access prior to mint on our website, official discord , and on social media channels.
1. Partnered NFT communities will receive special Flight Log entries that were recently recovered – Each page contains an allocation of Pre - Boarding spots
2. The elusive Flight Log contains clues for unlocking Pre - Boarding access
3. Be on the lookout for Satoshi's 2 nd Cousin's Desk at events around the world
4. Our moderators will be granting access to passionate community members on all social channels
When Does Cloud Niners Mint?
Cloud Niners is cleared for take - off early to mid - September !
How do I mint?
We will mint directly from outOFFICIAL MINT PAGE . Please check out our MEDIUM ARTICAL on minting.
What is the maximum mint amount per wallet?
Pre - Sale: 2 mints per wallet address is allowed.
Public Sale: 3 mints per wallet address is allowed.
What will the initial minting funds be used for?
100% of proceeds go directly to Cloud Niners, LLC - a web3 media company. We have big lon g term plans for the future and this funding will be used solely to expand our team , evolve our narrative storyline, and launch new products . The ultimate goal is to creat additional value for our community.
What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?
Cloud Niners, LLC will receive 10% of all secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to build a sustainable and growing brand that continues to inspire the community that helped create it. Marketing of the collection, retaining/hiring full - time employees, fund ing operations , and expanding utility are all important to the evolution of Cloud Niners.
Will there be rewards for long term holders or staking?
The longer you fly your ATH Liner , the more rewards ( Frequent Flyer Miles) you'll accumulate . We want to reward community members who are . We ' ll be announcing specific rewards and reward tiers in the near future
Please see the full agreement HERE .
How do I stay up to date and safe?
Follow the official Cloud Niners TWITTER ACCOUNT and officialDISCORD. All announcements will be made there. We will never surprise mint or airdrop without notice . Be careful of copycats, scammers and always check you are on the official twitter, website, discord, etc .
Will Cloud niners reveal right away?
No, Cloud Niners will reveal approximately two weeks after the public mint.